An overview of the main street by sinclair lewis

Leonard arranged a meeting with the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a tour of the campus. The grand climax was the stock market crash offollowed by the great depression of the s. His doctors gave him a blunt assessment that he needed to decide "whether he was going to live without alcohol or die by it, one or the other.

The twenties, peak years of the Lewis career, were those of prohibition, jazz, big business, speakeasies, bathtub gin, and general recklessness — an aftermath of World War I.

In the drab town are three thousand dull people, in a social strata ranging from Swede farmer to bank president.

Erik leaves Gopher Prairie. His father, a physician, led a strictly disciplined life, and his mother died when he was six. While working on his novel Kingsblood Royal, he purchased this summer estate and upgraded the Georgian mansion along with a farmhouse and many outbuildings.

Inhe rejected the Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith because he felt that he had deserved the prize for Main Street. Inwhen he was in the academy of Oberlin College preparing for Yale, he described himself as "Tall, ugly, thin, red-haired, but not, methinks, especially stupid.

Throughout his lonely boyhood, the ungainly Lewis—tall, extremely thin, stricken with acne and somewhat pop-eyed—had trouble gaining friends and pined after various local girls. In the closing lines of the novel, while Carol talks about her struggle reform Gopher Prairie, Kennicott only half-listens to her and thinks only about the weather.

But life in Gopher Prairie continues to offer Carol no challenges. However, she eventually finds out that he does not care for social reform and that he has settled down to enjoy small town life. Carol idealizes Guy Pollock, thinking that he shares her interest in reforming the town.

He had two siblings, Fred born and Claude born The film is still highly regarded; init was selected for preservation in the National Film Registryand in Time magazine named it one of the " Best Movies" of the past 80 years.

She enjoys the cultural opportunities of the city but is willing after a time to return to her husband and Gopher Prairie.

Lewis surrounds him with a gallery of familiar American types—small businessman, Rotarians, Elks, boosters, supporters of evangelical Christianity.

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His famous divorced wife, Dorothy Thompson, outlived him by ten years, dying in Lisbon in Immediately she wanted to make peace. Kennicott puts a stop to the romance and makes plain to his wife the kind of life she would lead if married to the son of a Swedish farmer.

Introduction & Overview of Main Street

Although the reaction of Sauk Centre toward the book was at first unfavorable, there is no evidence that it was ever banned from the local library. The surmise that the name Sinclair was assumed later while Lewis was connected with the Utopian schemes of Upton Sinclair is incorrect.

I do not admit that Main Street is as beautiful as it should be. Although Kennicott also wants to enlist, the medical council requests that he stay in Gopher Prairie to provide his services. Mencken when Babbitt appeared in After a political meeting of the Nonpartisan League is broken up by local authorities, Carol leaves her husband and moves for a time to Washington, D.

In many ways, Carol's desire for social reform and individual happiness reflects her particular era, when labor movements grew and women at last achieved the right to vote in.

Main Street by Sinclair Lewis. Main Street () is a story about Carol Milford, who is convinced by her new husband, Dr.

Will Kennicott, to leave the city life to which she is accustomed. Main StreetBySinclair LewisMain Street is a satirical novel written by Sinclair Lewis, and published in Carol Milford is a liberal, free-spirited young woman, reared in 3/5(1).

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Context. Harry Sinclair Lewis was born February 7,in the small Minnesota town of Sauk Centre, which would ultimately provide the model for the town of Gopher Prairie in Main Street.

An awkward youth, Lewis did not have a very happy childhood. "Sinclair Lewis, Author of Main Street" The above is the inscription on an unpretentious marker in the cemetery of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. It is the m. Main Street: The Story of Carol Kennicott is a satiric attack on small-town life.

In the ’s, a large component of America’s middle class sought a more liberal identity. The novel depicts.

An overview of the main street by sinclair lewis
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