Discuss the purpose of orientation what are various requisites of an effective programme

It's important, especially in a group orientation, to be aware of presenting material in different ways. Orientation means providing new employees with basic information about the employer.

Getting the Right People

Perhaps the most important task of a new staff member is to become familiar with those people and to understand what each of them does. Why conduct a staff orientation program.

What it does may be community health promotion or adult literacy, for example, but its real goals may be social change or economic development. An article by Ron Kaufman, a Singapore-based consultant, about new staff orientation in a business context.

It's only fair that he should know what to expect. Some employers, including a large accounting firm, give new employees computer and intranet access upon acceptance of a job offer.

We've already mentioned unstated job requirements, but there may be other expectations that have to do with the organizational culture.

Orientation and Training Programs

Use materials that are well-packaged and that communicate value. All the planning has been done. If you have a regular performance evaluation, the orientation should specify how often evaluations are conducted, what form they take, what the grounds for evaluation are, what is done with the final evaluation, how it is used in the organization, and who has access to it.

Do these friendships sometimes transcend position i. What are the important institutions in the community hospitals, banks, major businesses, etc. Some people absorb information better when they read about it, others learn best by observation, and still others learn better when they hear the information.

All of this is important to understanding the organization as it currently exists. On a regular basis. Writing about orientation learning and experience may set them in the mind.

Then, at the very least, if they find themselves in difficult situations, they'll know that there are policies that cover them. Make sure the set-up is ideal for the training style you want to use and have some extra chairs for any last-minute trainees.

How many of these folks are there in the community. An online resource that is regularly updated, and always accessible, is the best practice when it comes to information sharing. First, however, you need to think through what the orientation is really meant to do. Training day is here.

Why run a staff orientation program. Despite the advantages of a group orientation, putting off an orientation is usually a bad idea.


If you haven't thought out or examined your organizational philosophy, this might be a good time to do so. For an effective new employee orientation process, many companies expect the supervisor to provide the departmental, and work-specific orientation.

The Human Resources department handles the company overview, the handbooks, the benefits, and other basic information. The primary objective of this paper is to explore employee orientation programs and determine The main purpose of an orientation program is to reduce start-up costs, reduce anxiety, reduce a more complex employee orientation or onboarding process is required.

In order to be the most effective this process must be started immediately on. Orientation is the planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, coworkers, and the organization.

However, orientation should not be a mechanical, one-way process. Because all employees are different, orientation must incorporate a sensitive awareness of the anxieties, uncertainties, and needs of. Through my research I will describe the benefits of having an effective and thorough employee orientation program for new municipal staff members.

What Are the Benefits of New Employee Orientation Programs?

I have found numerous books and websites with articles and research on employee orientation programs. I found these resources and. Discuss The Purpose Of Orientation What Are Various Requisites Of An Effective Programme Discuss the mechanisms for effective Internal Communications.

A Chinese proverb which easily explains the importance of Internal Communications.

Why Is Orientation Important to the Employees?

An effective orientation program is a perfect opportunity to instill your company's values and corporate culture. Free Consultation; Healthcare Reform; Blog; Referrals; The purpose is to build camaraderie among the key people in a festive and relaxed setting.

Nuts and bolts. Make sure your orientation includes the rules and values of your.

Discuss the purpose of orientation what are various requisites of an effective programme
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Orientation and Training Programs