The benefits of keeping animals in zoos

In the past, representatives from the zoo would simply capture the desired animal from the wild and bring it back. Did you know, for example, that an elephant can find and pick up with her trunk a diamond a quarter the size of your thumbnail thrown down in the sawdust of the ring.

I cannot help feeling that both species benefited from such direct encounters and go away with a little more mutual respect for each other. Let us consider the human judgement in more detail as, even if there is no evidence for loss of dignity by the animal, it does reflect what humans feel.

Whether or not this is justified ethically is not my concern at this point. Zoos, by contrast, actively discourage this. List of Advantages of Zoos 1. It is not difficult to teach most interested humans the first steps in good handling of animals, but how this develops with experience in that human depends on their interest, sensitivity and skills.

The performance of such acts from the animals point of view may not be such a bad thing. With exhibits today, there is more space to allow for a family group of elephants or rhinos. This is even worse for animals that need to migrate and move around a lot.

Conclusion The field of animal handling and training is one where little serious thought on the ethics and ethological appropriateness of various systems has yet been devoted. Black Rhino by Sascha Wenninger flikr According to the World Wildlife Fundalmost fifty species of animals are classed as either critically endangered or endangered.

One thing that seems to be important is that the amount of physical restraint used to make animals do things is inversely proportional to the skill and relaxation of the trainer.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Zoos

They cannot contribute to conservation, research or human or animal education therefore any entertainment value is essentially worthless Chapter 7 again.

Are they worse than other animal husbandry systems. Usually, they worked enthusiastically for the rewards.

While these establishments are not paradise for these animals, they obviously act as a safe haven for them. Is this either necessary, or desirable.

There are many problems that come with keeping animals in zoos. If keepers and trainers cannot do this, then perhaps they should change their job. Not all animals are kept perfectly, much as I wish it were otherwise, and even in the best examples, there is still be room for improvement.

Why zoos are good

Captive bred lynx hightails it to the wild. Following the Christianization of the Roman Empire in late antiquity, vegetarianism practically disappeared from Europe, as it did elsewhere, except in India. Several orders of monks in medieval Europe restricted or banned the consumption of meat for ascetic reasons, but none of them eschewed fish.

Moreover, the medieval definition of "fish" included such animals as seals, porpoises, dolphins. Chapter 6. Handling and training, is it cruel? The first version of this chapter was published in Animal Training (UFAW.

Animals for entertainment

). There is much ignorance and controversy concerning both the handling and training of zoo and circus animals; if it should be done at all, and if it is, how it should be done.

Handling. Roadside zoos, petting zoos, and smaller animal exhibitors tend to offer inadequate space for the animals, keeping them in pens or degisiktatlar.commes, barren concrete and metal bars are all a tiger or bear will know for their entire lives. Larger, accredited zoos try to distance themselves from these operations by touting how well the animals are treated, but to animal rights activists, the issue.

Advantages & Disadvantages; Bibliography: The advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in Zoos/captivity. - If it wern't for zoos many animals such as the great panda, would be extinct by now-Animals in zoos have a small risk of being harmed compared to animals in the wild.

We asked members of the Education World Tech Team for their suggestions for keeping one s cool despite career challenges and classroom chaos. Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships [4 volumes]: A Global Exploration of Our Connections with Animals 1st Edition.

The benefits of keeping animals in zoos
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