The best decision ive made in my life

But I do love owning a home. Looking back, I now can identify some nuggets I would share with others considering a move to this country.

You have to visit yourself. Remote work is working absolutely anywhere you want to.

This Is Why I Own a Home

You buy low, upgrade the home at a cheaper price than having a contractor or builder do it, realize that instant equity, refinance then rent out the remaining rooms. Around my 2 month mark I realized that something was happening and I brought it to the attention of my urologist who told me that Cipro could not be causing such affects and the only damage that might happen is to my Achilles tendon.

Cipro ruined my life.. I need help?

Too much of anything is bad, so mix it up. So do your work fam. They think they are great and that they will definitely succeed. Parents of two or more are always short on two things: I am now un-employed, I have no use of my degree in teaching, I have lost respect of family and friends due to my inability to attend many things although I appear normal looking.

Fresh seafood, just-squeezed orange juice that you can bottle yourself in the storeand local produce are the best grocery buys. Once I made this realization recentlyI started seeing how much happier I could be in my day to day life by sacrificing some EV.

Renting your house is running your own business, you can certainly do everything yourself but it may be in your best interest to hire someone.

I fully embraced motherhood, from midnight breastfeeding to watching my daughter stamp off stage during her dance recital to frosting her pink birthday cakes to taking her bra shopping. We all share a global common experience as well as the private one we experience from its position at our birth.

First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. My daughter is the sun in my sky, and her wellbeing is my top priority. The truth is, people grow and change for a very long time. Ly July 30, at 6:. James Patterson. Best-selling author who is releasing his latest book, Filthy Rich, in October I’d like to think I’ve occasionally made good decisions in my life (first among them marrying my.

Likes, 12 Comments - Virgosfinest (@virgosfinest) on Instagram: “Dont get me wrong joining the army was the best decision ive ever made in my life.

Why LASIK Surgery Is The Best $4,225 I’ve Ever Spent

Ashley, I’m so very sorry that this happened to you. I, too, am an ECT survivor who’s life was totally fucked by it and am also on SSDI, probably for the remainder of my life. I read your blog and really liked it I like to think I’m realistic about life and what my goals are. I respect your option and need to ask, when you say I guess you can gain experience and bank roll in a casino, do you feel that’s not a real option.

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Dear Mom, I’m very busy right now and I don’t have time to call so that’s why I’m writing you this letter. You know mom not only are you responsible for my very existence, you are also the nourishment that has made my life sparkle.

The best decision ive made in my life
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I only had one child. It was the best decision I've ever made.