The issues of the global warming and the serious threat to the mother nature

With the current threat of increasing storms and violent aftermaths of hurricanes and tropical storms, it would only take a few hits to crumble our electrical system.

Environmental Problems

On a more global scale, leaders have come to an agreement on how to curb harmful greenhouse gases — even if the US is the only country not participating — and steps are being taken to plant more forests which act as natural carbon sinks. Atmospheric particles from these and other sources could have a large effect on climate through the aerosol indirect effect.

Yes, even a single drop counts. Usually these unusual weather happenings tell us there are some climate changes happening already. The believers say that if the man-made causes are left untouched and steadily get worse these causes may not be able to be reversed.

Deforestation We mentioned planting more forests above, and sadly at a time when we need more forests, trees are being uprooted at an alarming rate. Another example is the destruction of coral reefs in the various oceans, which support the rich marine life.

Pollution Pollution of land, air, and water are some of the environmental issues that have serious effects on the lives of all creatures living on this planet. The melting of polar ice-caps and less water evaporating into the atmosphere are causing increased sea levels.

Some insects and earthworms help in agriculture by increasing fertility of the soil and also by increasing organic quality of soil. While wildfires are a natural occurrence, with the added carbon dioxide in the air, and hotter summers, the evidence speaks for itself.

With the variation Of the weather around the world, it is obvious something is happening to our environment and we deed to learn how to adapt and become more efficient and take care of our planet.

Human activity is leading to the extinction of species and habitats and and loss of bio-diversity. The over consumption of resources and creation of plastics are creating a global crisis of waste disposal.

5 Global Green Issues Killing Mother Earth – Save Her!

By raising awareness in your local community and within your families about these issues, you can help contribute to a more environmentally conscious and friendly place for you to live. Earth, with its beautiful milieu and kind nature, has always been at best for us humans. Plants may die and animals may migrate to other areas, which can cause entire ecosystem out of balance.

Quaint coastal towns and cities near the U. On top of all that, higher temps are causing the polar icecaps to melt, flooding certain areas and leading to an imbalance for wildlife. Effects of global warming Projections of global mean sea level rise by Parris and others.

Sparse records indicate that glaciers have been retreating since the early s. Whatever weather and climate you enjoy, it could be happening sooner and shorter, or later and longer.

Heavy metals, nitrates and plastic are toxins responsible for pollution. Projected change in annual mean surface air temperature from the late 20th century to the middle 21st century, based on a medium emissions scenario SRES A1B.

These clouds reflect solar radiation more efficiently than clouds with fewer and larger droplets, a phenomenon known as the Twomey effect. If doing simple things like taking a walk outside or working in your garden, become unenjoyable due to severe heat waves, think of the quality of life on a much larger scale.

Additionally, sea level rise has accelerated from to Observed Arctic shrinkage has been faster than that predicted. The reason is pollution caused by CFCs. You will be shocked to know how much waste is generated by the industrial world. Globally, people are taking efforts to shift to renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, biogas and geothermal energy.

How Animals Help Us To Save The Planet

Genetic modification of food results in increased toxins and diseases as genes from an allergic plant can transfer to target plant.

To find out more about how you can help with dead zone cleanups, visit Oceana. One climate commitment study concluded that if greenhouse gases were stabilized at year levels, surface temperatures would still increase by about 0.

Irregular weather patterns have already started showing results. Effects of global warming. The good news is that dead zones can be reversed, though it is difficult.

Maybe spring is your favorite season. If rainforests are so important, why are they being destroyed so carelessly. Environmental issues are basically harmful effects of the activities of human beings on our environment.

Global warming has been a huge topic in recent years around the world.

Global warming

There are only two factors that could be causing global warming: Mother Nature or the human population. Humans are the reason why our earth temperatures are rising and if we do not do anything to stop the temperatures from rising; it will eventually become impossible for.

Below you will find some of the animals and insects listed, that help us to reduce negative impacts on the globe and help us address issues such as global warming, pollution, environmental disturbances etc.

Global warming is defined as being a gradual increase in the Earth’s atmospheric temperature due to an increase of specific gases known as the greenhouse effect. The dictionary even implies that the greenhouse effect is caused by an increase in pollution, or otherwise, mankind.

The rise of global warming has become a serious threat to nature. With time it is destroying every little part of this beautiful creation. With time it is destroying every little part of this beautiful creation.

The global warming controversy refers to a variety of disputes, substantially more pronounced in the popular media than in the scientific literature, regarding the. 7 biggest threats to the environment – why we still need Earth Day a closer look at the serious environmental issues we’re facing and the solutions in a natural fighter of global.

The issues of the global warming and the serious threat to the mother nature
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How To Save Earth From Global Warming? - We Talk about Nature