What various techniques does miller use to achieve heightened drama at the end of act 3

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Each therapist, no matter how experienced, will feel such things repetitively throughout her career, as her capacities to witness trauma change due to personal life experiences or the very real effects of working with trauma survivors.

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Hello i need some answers to the crucible Act 3?

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What various techniques does Miller use to achieve such heightened drama at the end of Act III? The best example is sarcasm when Proctor gives his "confession." Of course, he doesn't mean it and it is a slap in the face to the judge.

The Crucible Acts II/III/IV Discussion Questions Lesson Connection: • What is your impression of Elizabeth Proctor by the end of Act II?

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Of Reverend Hale? • How does Reverend Hale initiate the hysteria that closes the Act? • What various techniques does Miller use to achieve such heightened drama at the end of Act III?

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What various techniques does miller use to achieve heightened drama at the end of act 3
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